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It's finally time to turn your unique expertise into life-changing offers so you can scale to those five-figure months.

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There’s a better way to go from skills to profits.

You're a service provider, corporate professional, proven expert, emerging coach, or consultant who’s ready to turn sweat equity and proven skills into a profitable & scalable empire while having the lifestyle that makes it all worth it.  

But let's be honest...

Even though you're confident in your skills and have the proven ability to get results for yourself or others, something doesn't add up for you.

  • You’re not new to this, you’re true to this, however, you're stuck because your expertise comes naturally but you need clarity on how to build and scale a business around it. 
  • You want your business to grow, but don't have the clarity on how to structure your service/expertise into the RIGHT offer. 
  • You feel defeated because you're working against your dream with 1:1 clients that bring more overwhelm than freedom and money.
  • Others have been capitalizing on the results to provide, and while you love creating an impact, you are ready to make the income you deserve in the process
  • You don’t see yourself following your boss's career path and know that there has to be a more meaningful and fulfilling way to operate in your purpose and gift.
  • You're a dependable employee who believes you should be doing more with your influence and platform, but feel limited and burned out 

Trust me,  I get it.

It feels great to make an impact on someone’s life and even make a few dollars along the way, but you’re ready to structure and package your skills for your next level in business.

It’s time to become the entrepreneur you’ve been envisioning. 

The Blueprint to Scale Accelerator

is a group coaching program designed to give you a clear and straight path to predictable profits by monetizing your skills and expertise.

You will use a proven framework to help you structure and package your skills into offers that not only transform the lives of others but will give you the business that supports the life you’ve always dreamed of. 


Video Testimonial:

Meet Non-Profit Expert, LaTanya Cooper, Pajama CEO graduate who grew her business by generating well into 5 figures while in the program from the strategies.

Video Testimonial:

Meet Kenneth Bascome Pajama CEO graduate created a new course and enrolled six clients for his beta test round.

At this point you’ve realized that having the skills is just the first step.

You've long searched for how to:

  • Correctly create packages and services in a way that allows you to make the income you want
  • Clarity on how to execute those ideas in your head
  • A blueprint to teach how to choose the ONE THING you should be focusing on
  • A coach who can partner with you to finally bring your brilliant ideas to reality

Reading this page is the best decision you can make for the future of your expert brand.

Video Testimonial:

Meet Shehan of Shehan Victoria Virtual Services, who monetized her expertise in payroll and accounting. She never started a business before and yet sold her very first 4 figure offer within weeks of joining.

Maybe you’ve already tried to figure this out.  You stepped out on faith to help one person and that turned into serving dozens of people, but yet it’s still not adding up.  Simply put, your income does not reflect your greatness.

You're not alone. 

Most experts would never admit this, but it's easy to get trapped in the "save-the-day" zone that puts a ceiling over your cash flow and turns your business into the kryptonite that stops your growth and your freedom.

If you want to regain your control and package your expertise into a signature offer that doesn't make you feel like you're drowning in a sea full of solutions but can't find the one solution that will save you from settling...

This is the sign you've been waiting for. 

I want you to hear this and know it:

You deserve predictable & consistent 4-figures per month—MINIMUM. 

But I have to be honest; you won't experience the business or life you desire with just an idea, a prayer, or even sheer desire.

Your NEXT LEVEL requires a blueprint that only comes from coaching and strategy that unlocks your value and your next victory.

Here is the truth, without a transformational offer that you can provide for a premium rate, you'll give in to peddling a collection of low-cost services that are just as dangerous as termites that chew away at the impact you're meant to have.


Terrie Chantel is a Godsend! Using her formula I have the clarity I need to create frameworks for any occasion. Whether it is teaching a class, being a panelist, speaking in front of hundreds, I can clearly communicate what I do, who I do it for, and what transformation my clients have received. Thank you Terrie for being one of my favorite business coaches! That lifestyle advice was on point as well.



One of the wisest investments I've ever made in myself was doing a VIP day with Terrie Chantel. I'm used to running my business my way, so it was was quite the task for me to reach out to another professional, but let me tell you...I will never look elsewhere. She is amazing, super knowledgeable, and is a beast at what she does!! I'm so excited to take my business to the next level.


With a coach to guide you, imagine what it would be like to...

  • Turn your years of experience into tripled monthly income getting amazing results for people using your skills, gifts, and talents.
  • Come off the sidelines and experience the same impact and freedom you admire from your favorite experts.
  • Get out of your way and feel more confident in your value AND higher pricing as a business owner.
  • Leave a job with limited career paths that drains you and dictates how you apply your time and skills.
  • Cancel the overwhelm that comes from juggling multiple ideas, clients, and obligations, and turning your expertise into charity.
  • Operate in God's plan for you, lean into your purpose, and actually create the generational wealth that up until this point has only been an aspiration

You may feel like it's daunting to elevate to your next level and you may want to spend more time “planning and preparing”, but odds are you are already qualified for this level of growth right now. 

You can create and structure a premium offer from your expert skills that can scale to 5 figures months even if…

  • You're confused about how to package your expertise into a premium transformational offer that commands top dollar.
  • You're afraid to consolidate or eliminate your long list of services because you might lose certain clients (this is actually what needs to happen for you!)
  • You’ve never charged premium pricing for anything before
  • You alone are your only testimonial
  • You don't have a website or know how to market yourself online like the in-demand, well paid, experts you admire from afar.

In the Blueprint to Scale Business Accelerator, you will have the framework you need to execute your goals.


Together we will work through my proven 3-part framework that teaches you everything you need to create signature offers that can scale to 5 figure months from your proven expertise or existing services.

The Blueprint To Scale Accelerator is the answer to your business prayers. 

You've long searched for how to correctly create packages and services in a way that allows you to make the income you want, clarity on how to execute those ideas in your head, a blueprint to under which ONE THING you should be focused on, and a someone who can partner with you to finally bring your brilliant ideas to fruition that you've been and finally, you are in the right place.

Reading this page is the best decision you can make for the future of your expert brand.

We’ve created a systemic, step-by-step, “to-do list”  style program that gives you everything you need to become the profitable service provider you desire without confusion. We keep it simple, and the result is that you graduate to a business that is consistently profitable. 

Apply now to attend the Private Training for Blueprint to Scale Accelerator

We are so excited to see if you’re a good fit to work with us to structure and package your expertise into a brand and business. Please take a minute to complete the application below so we can learn a little more about you to see how we can help. Don’t be shy, we need to hear as much we can about you and your business goals.

Hi There,

I'm Terrie Chantel, The Pajama CEO

I'm a Business Coach, Speaker, and Educator.

A few years ago, I drove 90 minutes to work – one way – every day to put in hours at what I thought was my dream job. In my 20s, I was already making "the big six figures." with my corporate job by day and ran a booming Tax Firm by night. But something wasn’t adding up.  I still wanted more freedom, more life-giving accomplishments, and to make more financial growth than I'd ever made doing what came easy to me.

I had to boldly decide to change my life by transforming the way I did business.

What began as a side hustle eventually turned into a multi-six figure business and online brand that opened my eyes to what happens when you PLAN as big as you dream.

I’m purposed to tell you that  You've always possessed more value than you can bring to one job or a list full of services that stretch you thin.

You don't need complicated marketing processes that make you question your abilities.

You can succeed in ways you've only imagined with structure, guidance, and the mindset shifts that unlock your freedom to work less, make more, and build a sustainable business that promotes you to the CEO you’re destined to be. 

You need a step-by-step framework and the right coach to help you reposition your expertise to bring in 4-figures a month with ease, not exertion.

So what’s inside of Blueprint To Scale Accelerator?

Think of it as an action-based curriculum that teaches you what you need to do and know to build your business. 

Module One: Foundation

We first gain clarity. Building a new business is far more than throwing a website up.  This is the most important pillar of the foundation. We will address the mindset shifts that will help you execute at a higher level and attract income.

Module Two: Offers

Next, we’ll dive deep and extract your genius and streamline your offers. I’ll teach you how to build services based on your skill sets and expertise you already have. You’ll learn how to choose and create the best offers to build and monetize your brand. Then we will go over how to target the right clients.  You’ll know exactly what you should sell, why you’re selling it, and who you will be selling it to.

Module Three: Build It

Learn the systems to create and build your new income streams. You’ll also learn how to create digital products and get the tools you’ll need to do so, step-by-step. You’ll learn how to put it all together with ease. You’ll learn my Signature Product Idea framework that results in you having a bucket of creative ways to continue monetizing your expertise.

Module Four: Branding

Learn the secrets to what really makes people click the buy button. You’ll be surprised that it’s not a fancy logo. You’ll learn key principles in packaging your offer to appeal to your ideal client. You’ll learn all about pricing and how to position your offer to attract clients ready to pay. Learn how to build a beautiful AND money attracting brand that makes selling your offers easy.

Module Five: Selling

Learn marketing techniques for your new offer both on and offline. From sales calls to  Social Media Marketing 101. I’ve created a foolproof Content Pantry System that will completely revolutionize the content creation process for you. You won’t be wondering what to post once you do this. You’ll learn the secret sauce of how to create social media content that converts likes into dollars.

Here's the thing...

Learning how to position yourself as an expert and create a premium offer that sells is how I unchained myself from the corporate seesaw and leaped into purpose and profit. 

It's exactly what I want to teach you inside of this Private Training. 

The truth is this,

I've used the same framework to help my clients make as much as $16,000 in less than 90 days. And it's the same framework I personally used to begin hitting consistent 5-figure months doing only the work that puts purpose in my stride and a smile on my face.

So what happens if... 

You continue to second guess yourself and struggle in silence to figure out how to build a business from your expertise?

You never discover how easy it is to scale with fewer moving parts and one premium offer?

Your 9 to 5 eliminates your position, and forces you out of side hustle mode and into full-blown entrepreneurship, without a clear plan to make predictable income month over month?

The time is now. You are capable, so apply now.